One comment on “Pods & Sods 003 | Five Live Times Two

  1. Five Fav Live Albums

    KISS Alive! – It’s the one record I always return to. Alive II was the one I had first (I think), but Alive! is my go-to for KISS.

    David Bowie – Bowie at the Beeb – Bought this 3CD set for the third disc. A 2000-era Bowie concert where he brought out old favs (Absolute Beginners), rarities (This is Not America), and revamped classics (Always Crashing in the Same Car; Let’s Dance). Bowie was in full-on crooner stage here and his voice is great.

    Chicago at Carnegie Hall – Having discovered Chicago in the 80s, I was initially put off by the messiness of this 4 LP set. Now, having realized that Original Chicago is the best, I like this set a lot. The Live in Japan CD may sound better and the fabulous live recording of them in late 1969 when they were still CTA is great for their energy, Carnegie Hall is my *official* Chicago go-to. Only shame: no Liberation, even on the expanded 4CD set.

    Elton John Live in Australia – Was never a fan of Elton back in 1987 when this CD was released. But this was the first time I knew of when a rock star teamed with an orchestra. Add in Elton’s matured vocal delivery and it’s still my fav—and only—Elton LP.

    Springsteen Boxed Set 1985 – So much great Springsteen live material. The non-Unplugged concert I love because those two CDs were my first new Springsteen CDs and I like those records. NYC (2000) and Dublin (2006) are good for what they give us (Clarence opening the River in 2000), and Hammersmith ’75 captured Bruce before he broke huge. I like that snapshot in time. But the boxed set solidified my appreciation of Bruce and set the stage for my current fandom. [Does that count because it’s a compilation of concerts?]

    Honorable mentions:
    David Bowie A Reality Tour (DVD; likely his last…);
    Sting: Bring on the Night & All This Time;
    Genesis Archives #1, Disc 3 (best performance of Supper’s Ready);
    Tony Bennett Live at the Sahara: Las Vegas 1964;
    Elvis Costello My Flame Burns Blue (Costello fronting a jazz orchestra);
    Paul Simon Concert in New York;
    John Coltrane A Love Supreme Live;
    Paul Stanley One Live Kiss;

    Oh, and more than a few boots…


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