One comment on “PS006 – Analyze KISS Part I: Two Sides Of The Coin

  1. I realise this episode is almost 2 years old, but it has taken me that long to analyse this song.

    I'm pretty sure the song is about the choice between continuing with the constant casual one-night stands or settling down in a long-term relationship. If that is the case, it is a bit sad as Ace had already been married for several years by this time. His daughter was born in 1980, so maybe that was the cause for reflection.

    With Ace songs, the main point is that the words at the end of each line sort-of rhyme. Any meaning in the lyrics is secondary. I believe the original lyric was “I need time, to find a rhyme”.

    There is a bit of a similar mature relationship theme running through Unmasked. Gene sings “You're all that I want, you're all that I need”. Paul sings “I love you, you're the only one…”, “I love you forever”. It may be that the KISS boys were facing up to the commitment of real adult relationships as they approached 30. Or it may just be that someone told them these types of themes were selling records at the time.

    We are lucky Gene didn't get hold of this song title, or the “coin” in the song would be a woman and you can guess what the two sides to choose from would be. Or he could make it a choice between “heads or tails”. In fact “Heads or Tails” would make a suitable Gene song title.


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