One comment on “PS023 – Huey Lewis And The News / Sports

  1. The song “I Want A New Drug” is interesting because it is was a huge pop chart hit, yet it has no real chorus. The tag line is used in the verses. The section “One that won't make me nervous…” is more like a pre-chorus but then it goes straight back to the verse riff.
    Ghostbusters also follows this same structure. The tag line is in the verses. It has a pre-chorus-like section “I aint 'fraid of no ghost” and then back to the verse riff. Two big chart hits without a chorus. I don't think copying this unusual song structure as well as ripping off most of the music would have helped Ray Parker Jnr's court case.

    Another point about HL&tN. The lead guitarist (Chris Hayes?) is awesome, but hardly gets any kudos. I don't think he even has his own wikipedia page, what an insult!


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