2 comments on “PS047 – The Bangles / Different Light

  1. Thanks a lot. Bastards. After hearing your Different Light episode I had to go to Amazon and drop 30 bucks on nabbing the entire Bangles' 5-disc catalogue on CD. Like everybody else, I’ve had their Greatest Hits album for years but you've now pretty much rendered that as pathetically ineffectual. Also because of you, I had to make an — admittedly rare — trip to my local library to check out the three volumes of the Under The Covers cd collection. And don’t even get me started on my newest quest to seek out and gather the three Susanna Hoffs solo albums. I mean, ‘good luck with that,’ right?!! Up until yesterday I was perfectly content to keep my now-near-thirty-year (and now-extremely-unhealthy) obsession with Susanna Hoffs buried deep in the past and even deeper in the ground. But you just provided me with the pick and shovel. Didn't you. Bastards.

    — 2N (PlasterBlaster on KISSFAQ)


  2. Hey guys, I posted this on your Facebook page last week, but you might not have seen it. Or you saw it and had nothing to say about it! In case it's the former, I'm reposting it here!

    I stumbled across this podcast quite by accident yesterday and it was like listening to conversation I've been wanting to have my whole life! I know that album inside out and back to front. I knew every lyric, every harmony and every riff mentioned. To listen to you both talking about this album with a love for it like I have was just brilliant.

    I was only six when Different Light came out. My sister taped her LP onto cassette for me (with Cyndi Lauper's True Colors on the other side) and I completely and utterly fell in love with the Bangles. They split when I was 9, reformed when I was 19 and they finally toured Australia when I was 25. They were amazing, of course! Lucky for me they've toured here a couple times since.

    So, thank you for this podcast!! I look forward to Bangle Week! Or a track by track of Doll Revolution at least 🙂


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