3 comments on “PS062 – an interview with David Mead (part II)

  1. Loved this interview! I can't believe I missed it when it first came out, but I'm sure glad I caught up with it today. We at Flying Otter Winery are pickled tink to be noted as a stop on the Almost and Always tour (and a couple of others). I still have that train poster on the wall of my office. It would be great to have David back on a new musical adventure. We even have a real tasting room and pavilion where we have music every friday night overlooking the vineyard now from April – October.


  2. Hi Craig & Eric – fascinated to know how David Mead now feels about the Monkees in light of the fact that he dissed them in this interview but several years later performs with them or at least extensively features on excellent backing vocals on their new (and only) Christmas album released this month in 2018.

    Was this just a paying gig, or has David rethought his previous disapproval of the prefab four?

    I’m guessing this occurred because of David’s association with Adam Schlesinger?

    I’ve no idea how old you guys are (Craig & Eric) but on the subject of David not getting the Monkees, my theory is that having not grown up with the phenomena and it’s supreme pop significance, he does not/cannot be expected to appreciate what us anointed children of the 60’s know and love?


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