2 comments on “PS064 – Let’s Alienate Our Listeners

  1. Great theme and I enjoyed the episode – despite disagreeing with about 80% of your opinions!
    Here are some of mine off the top of my head.
    I like them, but grossly overrated:
    – Deep Purple
    – Nick Cave
    – Eric Clapton
    – Rolling Stones
    – GnR
    – Oasis
    I don't get it:
    – The Doors
    – PJ Harvey


  2. I’m with Scott on The Doors as well. Though I really like most of LA Woman, their good stuff is the exception rather than the rule. Can Jim Morrison’s appeal as modern poet really get people past the simple blues-based songs with that horridly dated organ sound?

    And Eric Clapton hasn’t been interesting since Cream broke up.


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