2 comments on “PS084 – Billy Squier – Don’t Say No

  1. Hey guys this is Alan St Jon from Billy Squier band, keyboardist, background vocalist all the rest of everything… I was just listening to your Podcast and I'm actually very happy that somebody was interested enough to dissect the records that we've done and happy that you mentioned all the band members… unfortunately two of them are off this planet but if you'd like to get a hold of me it's alanstjon@gmail.com… I would love to talk to you and maybe we can do an interview… thanks guys for being so intelligent… much love, asj


  2. Alan, I too enjoyed this particular podcast. As a long time fan of Billy and the band this stuff is right up my alley. I'm the kind of fan that when I go see a performer like Billy my first interest is who's in the band. Ive seen about every lineup from 81 to as recently as 5 years ago at a casino in Oklahoma and you were there. Rest in peace Bobby and Jeff, always loved seeing them. Peace, Mike Santiago


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