2 comments on “EM3 – Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

  1. A wonderful interview and very well enjoyed. I particularly liked the way Ian was talking about music DVD's and how he thought they was not that too important in a way that not many folks would buy them, and especially when he mentioned that people are only going to watch them once or twice, in relation to the amount of plays an actual record would get.

    For me personally I would rather have a DVD or Blu Ray of an actual live concert than a CD or vinyl record. To be honest I buy such things these days that come in packages where you have both formats or even 3 or 4 formats. Ian's packages also come this way too. But I never bother with the other formats at all, and much prefer to watch the show in all its glory, and in 5.1 surround sound which to me is far more the superior quality in relation to the conventional stereo recording, or just listening to it.

    I know some people like to have the other formats such as CD's so they can pop in their car to listen to whilst driving, but as I do not drive, they just stay in the box un-played most of the times.

    I most likely have every DVD and Blu Ray Ian as actually put out, including the new 5.1 mixes of his albums to which I much prefer to the vinyl albums to which I have had for many years, as I am very fond of Jetrho Tull more so with their 70's material which to me was where Ian was really at his best, and so to was the material he wrote.

    Though I do have every album he has put out too, but perhaps not that many of his compilation albums, as I do not need the same thing twice so to speak, but understand why they make them, and are all well and good for introducing many other people to Jethro Tull for sure in some ways.


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