9 comments on “EM6 – David Ragsdale of Kansas

  1. What a great interview! As a huge Kansas fan, having seen them 54 times, I really enjoy opportunities like this to hear the members share their thoughts and to get a sense of their personality. After listening to this, I admire David more than ever. On the few times I had a chance of greeting him, he was always very gracious and expressed appreciation for me as a fan. This band has been what I will call the sound track of my life. I am most excited to hear the new material. Listening to David talk about Freaks was awesome. I was courting my wife at the time and this album was her introduction into my passion for Kansas. Whenever we hear tracks off the album, it takes us back to those early years in our relationship. Needless to say, she too is a huge Kansas fan now and enjoyed this interview also. So thanks a lot for sharing this interview.


  2. I want to marry this man. (Just kidding–sort of.) I'm sort of a violinist myself, having started at age 4 and continued until I started having kids, after which, sadly, my violin started collecting dust. After my divorce, I started trying to get back into it, but frankly, I suck. You really do have to keep on it, or you lose your chops. However, I got a wonderful opportunity to play “Dust in the Wind” with my 20-year-old son, who is a very talented guitarist (actually two opportunities) at a local venue. The first time, I'm surprised the audience didn't throw tomatoes and/or run screaming out of the building–I mean, my son was doing great, but I more or less murdered that song. I literally wanted to sink through the floor. The second time was better, because I practiced my ass off. I even tried a little improv at the end. But all that being said, David is a wonderful inspiration. My son and I recently saw Kansas in Santa Clarita, CA on 9/12, and while my son was more or less frantically taking notes on everybody's technique, I'm sitting there melting into a puddle of goo–on many levels. Love, love, LOVE this man.


  3. David Ragsdale does indeed get violin credit on Kerry Livgren's solo album, When Things Get Electric!


  4. Thank you for listening! Always nice to meet fellow Kansas fans. You should check out our interview with Billy as well (link is on the right of the page)


  5. Thank you Larry for listening and sharing your personal connection to this record. It's kind of an under appreciated record in my book, so I'm always thrilled to hear about other people's love of Freaks!

    And congrats on finding a wife that appreciates Kansas!!


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