3 comments on “EM20 – Steve Hackett

  1. Love Steve's solo material and for me he is the only member of Genesis who carried on in their great style of Prog Rock. Early Genesis is something I will take to my grave, I can never tire of listening to it and I love the 5.1 mixes on SACD in the 1970-1975 Box set. It's the only box set I ever brought and I also brought Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering individually in the same format.

    For me Genesis died after Wind and Wuthering, they just churned out albums that was instantly likable but gathered dust in no time at all. I still carried buying Genesis right up to their last album Calling All Stations in the hope of them doing something that I loved them for originally, but never got it at all from them. I certainly got it from Steve's albums though and have every one of them. Had a great night about 3 weeks ago when I went to see the tribute band The Watch. really great band who still carry on the glory years of Genesis.

    Great interview by the way and very well enjoyed the discussion here with Steve. I like how he himself talked about surround too and I am a surround freak, and actually getting a good set up these days I regard as a lot cheaper than what I used to spend on Stereo separates years ago. There are some great budget AV amps out there around the £500 mark that for me would even blow away a Stereo amp that costs 10 times that much, simply cause we have more channels of separation to play with here, which makes it far more clearer and provides a far great sound.

    He's right too about the packaging these days and got both of his Genesis Revisited packages when they came out and the one at the Albert Hall with 5 discs and comes the size of a vinyl album is a well tasty presentation. I love them redoing the older albums too in 5.1 makes it worthwhile me buying them all over again, and I consider them great value for money. Mind you some artists are going over the top with the prices of them, but I am glad Steve certainly as not, unlike Peter Gabriel who as not long released a box set and wanting some near enough £400 for the top one. No way can afford that and I am only a fan not a bloody pop star who makes that kind of money to purchase such things (LOL)

    Nice one Eric and very well enjoyed.


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