2 comments on “THE TWELVE DAYS OF KISSMAS II: Carnival Of Souls

  1. I hadn't realised that Carnival of Souls was recorded so soon after Unplugged. That is surprising as you would think all the preparation for Unplugged would have influenced the sound and vibe of Carnival of Souls, but they couldn't be more different.
    I would have loved a new album with the joy and swagger of Unplugged.


  2. It seems like nobody reads these comments, but I have to get this off my chest and I don't use Facebook.

    You asked about why the fans don't particularly like this album. For me, this is not what I want from KISS. I think the album is interesting, but is one of the least enjoyable KISS albums for me – note that I said “enjoyable”, not “best” or “worst”.

    I am not the kind of fan who will say you are an idiot if you like this album, it is just not for me. I completely understand why other people do love it.

    You say you like that the lyrics are introspective and better written than usual, but they are hardly poetry or original.

    I am happy to hear KISS write and sing about real topics, but I do believe they did this style and subject matter back in the 90s because it was the fashion. By the time this was officially released in 1997, this type of low self esteem, depressing, dark music had been done to death by suicidal heroin addicts with more conviction than Paul Stanley. At the time I found Stanley's self-doubting lyrics as insincere. But now having read his book I have to admit that they are probably more honest than his typical lyrics. I find the Gene songs more natural, this is less of a stretch from his usual style.

    Individual songs are interesting and enjoyable but an entire album of dark, sludgey, slow songs is just too much for me from any band. And if I did want that, there are other bands that do it better. All of the songs are restrained, no real highs or build-ups, and that becomes boring over an entire album.

    To use a KISS-like metaphor – if I go to Burger King it is because I feel like a cheap, trashy burger. If they serve me up a bowl of Lobster Bisque I am going to be disappointed. I may actually like Lobster Bisque but if I had wanted that I would have gone to a restaurant that specialises in it and does it really well.

    Overall I am glad they did this album and it sits proudly in my KISS collection, but it is played less than most other albums. There are some very well written and constructed individual songs but even the weakest KISS albums have at least one standout track that I prefer to listen to than any song on this album.

    Love the podcast, keep up the great work!


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