4 comments on “SamePageCast 09 | The Monkees Complete Series on BluRay

  1. Davy sang Someday Man on Dick Clark’s Music Bag show because it was released as a Monkees single in late 69, so it was just simply to promote the single. Dick Clark probably figured that they didn’t need MIke and Micky to be on this, since it’s really a Davy solo number from The Monkees Present album which was also just released.


  2. Great podcast. Damaged packaging aside, I love this collection. The episodes look amazing. Sure there are things missing that I wish were on the set, but to see episodes like “Alias Mickey Dolenz” and “Monkees In Paris” looking so pristine is just wonderful.


  3. As usual, way too much hype along with getting a damaged package. On top of that,no closed captions. Why is the “Everybody Loves A Nut” song from Johnny Cash not there? Why is the “History of the band” segment” missing from the Glen Campbell show segment? why is the quality so bad on most of the extras? Where’s the Nerf ads & the missing Kool Aid ads? On & on. Don’t get me going about the mistake about how how mis-managed
    the “Head” outtakes were too.


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