2 comments on “Moronophonics 03 | The Beach Boys / SMiLE (Part 1 of 2: The Story)

  1. This was a terrific podcast… and I was the one who really got Ian’s Skilometre (Skilometrey Skilometre) gag! Some fascinating thoughts here and in part 2. It just goes to show what an unbelievable album SMiLE would have been if Brian had finished and released it in 1967. Would have blown everything else completely out of the water and possibly change the course of popular music forever.


  2. I laughed so hard at the Skilometer joke! That was hilarious! And Skilometey Skilometer? That really puts it over the edge. Overall, great show. Very informative. I do enjoy the CD of Brian Wilson Presents Smile. I bought it when it came out. For all I knew, that was the Smile we were waiting for. I guess that was the tip of the iceberg. Great show!


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