One comment on “SamePageCast 15 | Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago – a review

  1. Really enjoyed the episode. Appreciated y’all’s take. I would love for y’all Here are a few thoughts.

    Yes, 16 was the album without a Lamm lead vocal. He only got 1/3 if a writing credit.

    I would have loved a breakdown of Kath’s solo on 25 or 6 to 4 as the epitome of a rock band with horns. Listening to the isolated tracks of just Kath’s guitar work in this song and Make Me Smile is fantastic.

    As for the doc, I liked it, but realized it faults. I was more than happy that the first hour was pretty much all original members until 1978. Then, the glossing started. They focused on 13 but not Hot Streets and the song “Alive Again,” a hit that showed the band was still viable. I was thrilled to see Chrin Pinnick. He was a very Kath-y player, but they completely skipped DaWayne Bailey. He was a great 80s guitarist who knew and respected the guitarists who came before him. His solos for “25…” were neat because he’d start the Kath notes, then do his own thing. He was in the band in 1987 by the time I saw them live for the first time. Thirty years ago this March! I still have that show on tape. Houston Rodeo. In that tour, for 18, they opened with the new 25 and closed with the original. You can hear me and my friends losing our minds when the show started. It was a first for all of us.

    The Caribou Ranch material is from a 1975 TV special. It’s pretty cheesy, but the songs are played live vs. lip syncing. The version of “What is This World Comin’ To” is great. I think this is where the Al Green song comes from.

    I would have loved at least a mention of Stone of Sisyphus. Not sure why they skipped it. It was a crucial turning point. To me, they rode the Chicago-as-Ballad-Band for as long as they could, through 21. Then, they made SOS for themselves. They played it for the suits, and the suits rejected it. Frankly, that was when Chicago stopped being a rock back and segued into what they are now: a very talented band who occassionally puts out new material (but never plays it in concert) and is content touring every year. Night and Day is good, but not a rock record. Ditto for 25. Chicago 30 was their attempt in 2006 to get back on the radio but to no avail. Chicago “NOW” (i.e., 36) is a pretty good record.

    I’ll certainly get the DVD, but I’m really, really looking forward to The Terry Kath Experience. I discovered Chicago in 1986, but I’ve zeroed in on the original era. The Tanglewood show is fantastic. There’s an audio concert from 1969, when they were still working on II and 25… was new. One of the best shows I’ve ever heard by them.

    Yeah, I could go on and on about Chicago. I hope to hear more Chicago stuff from y’all and/or Pods and Sods.

    Thanks for the episode.


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