5 comments on “EM47 – Remembering Allan Holdsworth Part 2

    • Thanks for listening Tim! Here are the songs featured in this episode, most should be findable on YouTube.

      Songs & snippets included:
      Countdown. From Allan Holdsworth’s None Too Soon, 1996
      Forest of Feeling. From Jeff Watson’s Lone Ranger, 1992
      The 4.15 Bradford Executive. From Allan Holdsworth’s Sand, 1987
      Beelzebub. From Bruford’s Feels Good To Me, 1978
      Metal Fatigue. From Allan Holdsworth’s Metal Fatigue, 1985
      Temporary Fault. From Allan Holdsworth’s Road Games, 1983
      Hazard Profile Part 1 (Live on BBC). From Soft Machine’s Bundles, 1974.

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute by Chad Wackerman. I’ve listened to every Holdsworth record, mega-fan, same with my father. Its great to hear Wackerman tell how wonderful of a musical experience it was for him to work with Holdsworth (and Zappa). Great stuff!


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