2 comments on “Six-Pack of Tommy Shaw, Volume One

  1. The early Tommy music you discussed, prior to playing “Crystal Ball,” was from an EP recorded in 1973 in Chicago. It was called The Shaw-Spector Group and featured Tommy and another Chicago musician named Sherwin Spector of a band called Sparkle. Tommy and Sherwin were favorite musicians of a couple guys named Peluso, who owned a club called Yellow Brick Road. The three songs recorded were “Where Do You Go,” which morphed into “Bitter Suite” by Tommy’s band, MS Funk, then morphed into “Mademoiselle” by Styx. The second song was called “Sneaker,” written by Tommy and changed to “The Sneeker” by MS Funk. The third song was “Tell It All.” The music and “wo wo’s” were used for the Styx song “Ballerina” on the Crystal Ball album. You can find these songs, under Shaw-Spector Group, on YouTube and Spotify. Interestingly, Tommy didn’t sing lead on any of those 3 songs, but sang lead on “The Sneeker” by MS Funk. If you’re ever lucky enough to get your hands on Platform Shoes by MS Funk, do so. Incredibly talented band. That album is available on Soundcloud.


  2. Cheryle – thank you so much for that information! It is great to know that I was not imagining that EP! I searched for “Shaw-Spector Group” and found the exact yellow album cover I was expecting! Now if I can only figure out why neither Amazon nor Apple seems to remember that I bought this from one of the them! Thanks again!


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